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I Don’t Need to Calm Down’ – Verstappen

I Don’t Need to Calm Down’ – Verstappen

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has admitted that he need to think about ending his erroneous run this season. This is in the aftermath of an incident-packed Chinese Grand Prix, where he was involved/the cause of some of them.

The 20-year old let a likely win slip through his fingers when he attempted an couple of over-optimistic moves. The first was on Lewis Hamilton, with Max running wide and the second was when he crashed into Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

A repentant Verstappen admitted his faults and apologised to Vettel after the race.

Verstappen said: “I will analyse everything and put that in my knowledge and have a better race [next time].”

The incident that started it all

He said that he was unhappy with his performance, adding: “Those moments happen in your career. Nobody wants it but unfortunately it happens.”

This is not the first time Verstappen has courted disaster. His shortcomings in China were the latest in a series of mistakes in the first three races of this season.

He ran wide and damaged his car in the early laps in the season-opening race in Australia. The Dutchman lost several places and finished sixth after a spin from pushing too hard.

In Bahrain, he crashed in qualifying and dropped down the grid to 15th. A coming together with Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes didn’t help his cause either. The less-than-impressed Briton described him using an expletive.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner stressed on the need for a clean weekend in Shanghai for Max.

Verstappen said: “It has been a difficult start to the year. In terms of speed, it is all good but somehow – I don’t know why – in the races… maybe wanting a bit too much, trying to recover from what went before. But it is a bit difficult to judge right now.”

“It’s easy to comment. At the moment, it is not going the way I like. Does it mean I have to calm down? I don’t think so. It is very unfortunate those things happening. I just need to analyse everything and come back stronger for the next race.”

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