Don’t Forget to Celebrate New Year’s Day with Animal Crossing

January 1, 2021 8:11 pm

The events leading to New Year’s day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons were rather magnificent. The conclusion of Toy Day put all the focus on New Year’s. Like all the previous titles in the franchise, New Horizons, too, didn’t fail in building up suspense until the calendar changed.

Several items made their way to the game that were only available until December 31. Items available for a limited time in Animal Crossing carry hefty monetary value. Unsurprisingly, these items took inspiration from different cultures of the world.

The items included Fizzy Apple Juice (1,000 Bells), Twelve-Grape Dish(1,200 Bells), Berliner (1,200 Bells), and New Year’s Noodles (1,300 Bells).

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Moving on, the New Year’s event started at 5 Am on December 31. During this time, the players couldn’t enter Resident Services and use its facilities.

Be that as it may, the players interacted with Isabelle, who gave everyone a Light Stick to celebrate the event. Much like other tools, the players could simply equip the Light Stick whenever they wanted to.

New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing

Tom Nook set up a New Year’s eve stall and was distributing Party Poppers. These were similar to the ones that were available during the Fireworks Day event.

Upon interacting with Nook for the second time, the players could also purchase New Year’s Hat for around 500 bells. The hat was available in four colors, including Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Aqua.

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The players used these props for the main event that started at 11 PM. But the countdown until the clock struck 12 only began at 11:30 at Resident Services where all villagers had gathered to celebrate the event together.

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The music on the island changed as New Year’s Day came closer. The villagers also took out their Light Sticks to welcome the new year in the grandest way possible.

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Fireworks lit up the sky as the clock struck 12. Sadly, these firework patterns couldn’t be customized. But the players received Nook Miles for participating in the event.

This event ended at 5 Am completing a 24-hour reset. However, a new track will play throughout your islands today. Two, your in-game mum will send you a present in the mail: Mom’s Art, a cross-stitch piece of art! Third, the villagers will discuss the proceedings of the new year as you interact with them.

In addition, devs have included several new items that can be purchased. But it is important to note that these items are available until January 15.

These items are-

  • 2021 Celebratory Arch (2,021 Bells)
  • Olivier Salad (Russian, 1,000 Bells)
  • Zodiac Ox Figurine (Asian, 1,600 Bells)
  • Kagamimochi (Japanese, 1,800 Bells)
  • Kadomatsu (Japanese, 2,580 Bells)
  • New Year’s Shimekazari (Japanese, 2,000 Bells)
  • Yut Nori (South Korean, 1,300 Bells)

As usual, the beginning of a new year will bring with itself heaps of changes and new events. It will be interesting to see if the devs simply alter the existing ones or give them a new twist. Happy New Year to you all!

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Image Credits- Animal Crossing World 

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