“Don’t Know Which Way I’m Leaning”: Daniil Medvedev Perplexed on Joining the New Players’ Association

August 30, 2020 7:12 pm

Novak Djokovic and Vasek Pospisil made a huge change in men’s tennis as they created the Professional Tennis Players Association(PTPA). And many players since yesterday have had strong opinions around the new players’ body. And many like Daniil Medvedev are still unsure about the association.

Pospisil resigned from the ATP player council citing that players don’t have much influence on the decisions that are taken in the ATP. And so PTPA is an independent body made by the players for the players keeping in mind the interests of the players.

Djokovic announced on his social media handles about the Professional Tennis Players Association. Claiming it to be the first player only association since 1972. It is reported that Pospisil and Djokovic will be the co-presidents of the association.

“After yesterday’s successful meeting, we are excited to announce the beginning of the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA). The first player only association in tennis since 1972.” Djokovic tweeted.

From Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer to Kevin Anderson have rejected the notion of the association for now. And many like Andy Murray and Daniil Medvedev will look at the progress that association makes before signing up.

“I’ll definitely ask more information to Vasek & Novak to decide for myself” – Daniil Medvedev

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Medvedev has kept the association as a side thought to focus on the US Open. But he says he definitely wants to know more about the association before signing up. Medvedev is perplexed right now and isn’t making a decision before learning more about PTPA from Pospisil and Djokovic.

“I decided for myself to think more about it after US Open. I’ll definitely ask more information to Vasek & Novak to decide for myself. I need some time. That’s all I can say right now because I cannot say more. I don’t know which way I’m leaning, but I need more info.” Medvedev said

The new association has split the men’s tennis. There are doubts over its legality and whether women tennis players would be allowed to join the association. Let’s see what the ATP does and how PTPA functions forward.

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