Dr Disrespect Approves New Call of Duty Warzone Update

September 6, 2020 3:05 pm

Since its launch, Call Of Duty Warzone has received a new playlist update every week. Developer Infinity Ward ensured that the game has stayed interesting by adding different game modes as well as regularly making other changes. Another update recently went live and Dr Disrespect has approved of it.

Infinity Ward took to Twitter to make the announcement:

While a lot of people were left confused about what exactly went wrong, a Twitter user jumped in and clarified their doubts.

Eventually, Infinity Ward had to temporarily remove the vehicles.

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Dr Disrespect likes the latest Call Of Duty Warzone playlist update

Dr Disrespect was really happy with this update. He replied to Infinity Ward’s announcement and said, “I actually like this. Being that I designed half the maps for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare including Solar, Recovery, Ascend, Instinct, Horizon, that fucking Clown Hotel map etc etc… I know what I’m talking about when it comes to design.”

However, it wasn’t quite clear as to what exactly he liked about this update. It looked more like he was trying to prove his knowledge about the Call Of Duty titles. Before becoming a full-time streamer, Doc was a level-designer for Sledgehammer Games. He had worked on the multiplayer maps mentioned above in Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Even though the game wasn’t the best COD title, he still has the designer credential to his name.

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Doc also recently commented on the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War title. Rumors suggested that a lot of streamers and influencers already have access to the game. This explained how the gameplay footage for the same was leaked online. Doc said that this title was probably one of the best COD titles ever and that it looked better than Black Ops 2. This coming from a former level designer seemed believable.

Other matters aside, this update proved that the game needed fixing. While the Season 5 update has fixed a lot of game-breaking bugs, the developers still have a lot on their plate given that the vehicle bug was just discovered. Players will keep their fingers crossed for this to be fixed soon.

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