Dr Disrespect Blames Twitch Ban for Activision’s Recent Treatment of Him

October 31, 2020 11:44 pm

The Twitch ban of the popular streamer Dr Disrespect was perhaps one of the most significant incidents in the gaming and streaming industry in recent times. Twitch has by now become infamous for issuing bans and taking other steps against streamers without prior warning, and also for not providing any explanations oftentimes.

Recently, Doc faced some issues with Activision in terms of being an affiliated streamer for Call of Duty, and it might have something to do with his Twitch ban.

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Here is what happened. Activision has removed Doc from the position of a Call of Duty partner. Moreover, he did not receive a Call of Duty creator code either. This is peculiar since other famous Call of Duty streamers, namely, Nickmercs, Timthetatman, Symfuhnny, etc, all have their personal creator codes.

Doc talked about this in his recent stream, where he referred to Twitch as “the purple platform.”

“It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?”: Dr Disrespect expresses displeasure regarding Activision’s treatment of him

“It’s kinda crazy to think that because of this little purple platform, and for whatever reason, all of a sudden  Activision, one of the biggest publishers in the biggest franchises, decides not to support the Doctor. And not to give us a code and be a part of this whole launch of this new Cold War game. It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?… There’s a bunch of haters out there, man.”

Doc has been talking about the whole Twitch deal, but it was mostly him criticizing the platform for what they did to him and their policies. However, this time, Doc openly held the platform responsible for his current predicament with CoD Black Ops Cold War. Moreover, even Discord removed his partner status recently.

Doc’s Twitch ban had sparked anger in the streamer community. Although the popularity of Twitch is as it always has been, there is currently a significant amount of displeasure towards the platform.

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