Dr Disrespect Encounters a Hacker Named Shourd in Call of Duty Warzone

October 29, 2020 11:42 pm

If there is one constant problem in Call of Duty: Warzone, it is that of the tremendous infestation of hackers in the game. Players have been complaining about this for a long now, but the problem has become synonymous with the title now. Recently, Dr Disrespect encountered one such hacker who was using an aimbot and auto-lock.

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Doc had been doing his thing on the stream, killing players in Warzone and showing the Champion’s Club how it’s done. At one point in the stream, Doc admits that he has never died to anybody who is a better player than him. However, towards the end of the match, he gets killed by a player using hacks.

Dr Disrespect encounters an aimbot user on Call of Duty: Warzone, and he is called Shourd

Interestingly enough, the player was named “Shourd”. If the ‘R’ was in the right place in his name, he would not have had to use aimbots to score kills. The player who killed Doc turned out to be terrible at his game, too. The sloppy, craftless, and timid gameplay opened the player to a lot of ridicule from Doc, who was happily spectating him.

Shourd kept using explosives in close-quarter firefights, downing the players at one go. He had been using auto-lock, so there was no way the explosives could miss the enemy. At one point Doc says, “This guy’s so bad too, man… (Shourd) is like the epitome of a disgusting gamer. This is the type of gamer that I wanna see in person, you know? I wanna slap him in the face, in person.”

We have seen clips of hackers and cheaters doing their thing in Warzone. But to be honest, Shourd’s gameplay does get on your nerves. He refrained from pushing his opponents, even though he had aimbot and what not. We condemn cheating altogether, but this gameplay is an abomination altogether.

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