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Dr DisRespect Gives His Verdict on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S

Dr DisRespect Gives His Verdict on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S

As a pillar of the gaming community, Dr DisRespect’s opinions are hugely influential. Players tend to follow what their idols say, and Doc usually has a lot to say about gaming. However, when he was asked about next generational consoles, Dr DisRespect was pretty quick with his response.

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Primarily, Doc is known for his gaming skills on PC. That doesn’t mean he cannot play with a controller, as he has shown time and time again.

With the console war warming up, Doc had to have a say on the topic, and he made no qualms about which console he prefers.  

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Dr DisRespect reveals his next-generational console of choice

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According to Dr DisRespect, there is no comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X. He applauded the plan Microsoft has with cross-platform access to games. However, he also opined that it won’t cut it, especially with the pricing Sony has set for PS5. 

I think Microsoft should just step away from the console area. Just step away, or sell everything to Sony. Then just focus on their PC and in the future of technology.” 

The exclusives offered on PlayStation are twice as alluring. Doc mentioned that the only exciting exclusive game coming to Xbox is Halo: Infinite. He further added that the game will be available on PC too, which takes away from its exclusivity.

Doc also mentioned, “…The Xbox 360 was like the ultimate gamers’ console, in terms of just how easy it was to access friends and messages and game invites….just the whole layout and design was easy to process and take in.” 

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Will Xbox Series S suffer in the market?

(Image Courtesy – Dr DisRespect YouTube)

The conundrum is quite clear here. When it comes to next generational gaming, the Two-Time trusts PlayStation simply because of what it is offering. This is one area where Microsoft went soft; they went ahead with the aggressive pricing, but that may not be enough. 

Sony kept their composure and did not let Xbox’s approach threaten them. Instead, they responded with games like Final Fantasy and God of War. This instantly brought the entire community around in favor of Sony. 

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