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Dr Disrespect Hails Aydan as ‘The Best Controller Gamer’ After Record Breaking Run In Warzone

Dr Disrespect Hails Aydan as ‘The Best Controller Gamer’ After Record Breaking Run In Warzone

Gauging one’s skill level in Call of Duty is a difficult task. Apart from individual mechanical abilities, there are a lot of factors to be considered. Although, the trickiest part about this is comparing controller and keyboard & mouse players. Streamers, pro players, and even casual players have their preferences based on their comfort. However, Dr Disrespect has hailed one particular streamer as the best controller player in the world.

Dr Disrespect is talking about the popular Call of Duty streamer Aydan, who has proven his skill in the game. Over the years, he has streamed a lot of games including Fortnite. Although, it is Call of Duty Warzone that has really shined a light on his skill.

He has been grinding the game since it released in March and has become one of the top players quickly. Notably, he uses a controller to play which is a lot different from the keyboard & mouse experience.

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Dr Disrespect praises Aydan after record-breaking Warzone run

Dr Disrespect is obviously impressed by him and expressed his admiration for him on Twitter.

I was looking at my trophies and a controversial humble thought came across my bullet proof mullet. @aydan could be the best controller gamer the world has ever seen. I mean, there’s me, the Lamborghini,  @DKarma and @FormaL in the conversation BUT, Aydan is something else.”

Doc’s proclamation wasn’t out of the blue as there was a good reason behind it. Recently, Aydan broke the record for the most solo kills in a Solos vs Quads game in Warzone. He managed to get 60 kills in a single game, which is a fine achievement. Clearly, this impressed Doc a lot, and he lauded Aydan with praise.

Aydan’s record-breaking run was no easy task. While on his way to accomplish it, he was sent to the gulag once but managed to return to the game. However, the final moments of the game were the most intense.

Stuck in a 1v3 situation, Aydan quickly got rid of 2 enemies, which left him in a 1v1 situation. But the final enemy was a Juggernaut. Just when hope was bleak, Aydan managed to land some amazing shots on the Juggernaut and eventually secure the win, with 60 kills to his name.

Clearly, this is a record that will probably take a long while to be bested. Warzone hackers are known to have 30+ kills in matches, but doing so without cheating is commendable. With this fine achievement, Doc’s words may just hold true, which suggests that Aydan might be the best controller player.

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