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“Dr DisRespect Gotta Be So Mad”- PewDiePie Speaks About Twitch Ban

“Dr DisRespect Gotta Be So Mad”- PewDiePie Speaks About Twitch Ban

The gaming community remains perplexed with what happened to Dr DisRespect. There have been no official statements citing the exact reason behind his ban. Among the people looking for an answer is popular YouTuber PewDiePie

PewDiePie is one of the most viewed Youtuber on the planet. He rose to fame with his comedic skits on the platform. Over the years, he has established himself as a huge brand. 

PewDiePie on Dr DisRespect getting banned

Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect was banned a few weeks back from the streaming platform. While no one knew the exact reason behind it, many speculations made the rounds. 

PewDiePie had his own thoughts to share on the Doc’s ban. Twitch and Doc agreed on a multi-million deal just earlier this year. Then Twitch making a move to ban the streamer all of a sudden was a huge shocker.

“Three months ago, Twitch was ready to put down the money as an investment on this guy. And now he’s permanently banned like that’s crazy. Dude, Dr DisRespect’s gotta be so mad he didn’t sign with Mixer”, PewDiePie said.

It was reported that Dr DisRespect was in talks with Mixer for a while. Twitch did not want to lose one of their most followed streamers and hence offered a bigger deal. Previously, Ninja and Shroud had jumped ships to Mixer. 

PewDiePie said, “He signed with Twitch hoping for like the future on Twitch instead of grabbing the big money or cash right. He’s like ‘Yeah, Mixer’s not probably gonna take off. I’m probably better off signing with Twitch.

“I bet that’s what he thought. I’m saying this now, I don’t know what he did. Three months ago, what happened in that period, so Mixer shut down and then Ninja and Shroud just got banks for no work.”

Is Mixer linked?

A few days back, another popular Youtuber Keemstar had shared a bizarre fan theory on Twitter. The theory stated that Doc’s ban had links to Mixer getting shut down. Twitch allegedly wanted to save millions of dollars and banning Doc would cover up their tracks. 

PewDiePie mentions the same theory in his broadcast. Albeit, the timing between both Mixer getting shutdown and Doc’s ban seems doubtful, it is not likely that Twitch would make such a move. 

Banning someone with such a huge following on their platform would do them more harm than good. Twitch isn’t short financially which kind of kills off the theory. PewDiePie agrees to the same.

“I don’t think that’s the causing factor but it’s definitely an incentive. It’s like Mixer shut down, so he can’t go over there. So, if we ban him because he was clearly talking to Mixer about signing with them. If we ban him, we don’t have to f***ing pay him. It doesn’t make sense either. I mean, how many millions do you think he paid them”, PewDiePie stated.

Doing something of that sort would only bring a bad light on Twitch. PewDiePie was of the opinion that such actions would be a kind of warning beacon for those signing with Twitch. He further says it’s a stupid thing and that there should be a serious reason behind all this.

There is still no clarity behind Dr DisRespect getting banned. The streamer himself addressed the community on Twitter saying he is not aware of the exact reason. Weeks later, the ban still remains a mystery.

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