Dr Disrespect Isn’t Ready Just Yet to Reveal His New-Look Garage

October 28, 2020 8:49 pm

A major reason behind the immense popularity of Dr DisRespect is the high production value of his streams. Most of the streamers just sit in front of a camera or maybe make the effort of including handcams. However, the ‘Two Time‘ goes well beyond to make his streams look way more presentable. Therefore, he uses state-of-the-art technology and props to show off his ‘Arena’.

A couple of days ago, former Twitch partner Dr Disrespect teased an upgrade to his popular ‘Arena’. Doc teased that he is adding a garage to the arena to park all his Lambos in. Therefore, he has hired ‘Bro Brothers’ to do all the construction work. The construction workers were supposed to finish working on the project soon. However, it seems that the project has hit a snag and Doc won’t be getting his upgrade just yet.

Dr Disrespect is getting impatient still parking his car outside

Few hours ago, Doc dropped another tweet with a clip captioned, “New parking structure in the Arena seems to be incomplete. I’m starting to get impatient.” 

Doc went to the lounge to check on the progress of the construction. However, as soon as he reached there, he noticed it was completely empty. The Bro Brothers had cleared out all the construction gear that was taking up space in the lounge. The view shocked Doc.

“I spent a lot of money on it. I’m expecting some results.”

Following that, Dr Disrespect called his construction guys, the Bro Brothers, to demand some answers. They informed him that the garage is ready and he will have to take the elevator to visit it. Doc then took the elevator to the garage but was met with a dark room.

The ‘Two Time’ was visibly upset with the absence of the garage he was impatiently waiting for.

I paid all this money and we can’t even get electricity in here, huh?” remarked Doc.

Doc’s theatrics always tend to amaze his followers. He’s not just a gamer, but an incredible performer. While everyone is aware of how all of this is indeed a gimmick, he makes them believe it just might be real.

The streamer ended the clip by displaying a message “to be continued...” which means there is a lot more drama in store for the fans. For those who have been waiting to take a look at the garage, it seems like it going to take a while more. If the fans are lucky enough, Doc just might line it up with the results of ‘Doctober’, his annual Halloween event.

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