Dr Disrespect Issues $10,000 Bet to OpTic Chief, Who Gladly Accepts It

January 14, 2021 12:05 am

OpTic founder Hector ‘Hecz’ Rodriguez had to walk through hell and high waters to acquire Team OpTic once again. Ever since he did that, Hecz has gone back to his old ways of posting regular content and even one video that hinted at Dr Disrespect joining the ranks.

In the latest of the OpTic Gaming Vlog, Hecz has accepted an open challenge issued by the Doc.

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Dr.Disrespect challenged OpTic Hecz to a game of Basketball

Team OpTic’s head was originally filming a Vlog that featured all the top names of the team, including Envoy, and Scump. The squad was out in the open fields of soccer to record content with giant hamster balls. Although the Vlog was centered on the event, a casual game of shooting hoops back at the Headquarters led to Hector calling Doc out with an answer of his own.

I am nasty, you guys know that no one in esports can beat me in basketball. Especially exclusively, and I am literally meaning this okay, I mean this. Dr.Disrespect bet me $10000 to a game upto to 11 once and me having 10. I don’t know who this guy thinks he is. I think the two time blockbuster thing has gone to his head but not on this day young man, not on this day or any day.

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It would be really interesting to see how things will pan out if this challenge does indeed take place. Hector showcased confidence in his ability, and the nature of the challenge clearly appealed him. So the ball is firmly sitting in Doc’s court and it would be interesting to see how he will respond to him.

It sets the duo on a collision course and they are soon going to clash for a game of basketball. It will be outstanding to see Dr Disrespect making his way into the realm of OpTic Gaming.

A peculiar incident in 2020 during the live stream of DrDisrespect with OpTic Hecz triggered a rather interesting rumor. The duo were playing a casual game of Call of Duty and the OpTic Chief invited the famous streamer to join the green wall. This event could serve as the first steps in that direction and fans might get to see doc draping the colours of green wall.

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