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Dr Disrespect Lashes Out at Stream-Snipers for Destroying his Charity Stream

Dr Disrespect Lashes Out at Stream-Snipers for Destroying his Charity Stream

Stream sniping may seem like all fun and games when it is during a casual stream, but there is a line you cannot cross. While a lot of streamers get stream-sniped every day, most of them choose to ignore it because it is inevitable. People just love to join the same lobbies as their favorite streamers and take them out by watching their livestreams. However, Dr Disrespect was absolutely furious after he was stream-sniped at a recent charity stream.

Dr Disrespect upset with stream snipers for ruining his charity stream

Doc took to Twitter to express his disappointment at the occurrence. Obviously, he was furious because it was a charity stream and he did not hold back while expressing his thoughts on the same. He tweeted, “Nothin like being stream sniped by a bunch of blonde banged, chubby cheeked, inward kneed, desperation for attention, purple brace face, unathletic, D- grades, Cheeto bags constantly emptied wannabe gamers… …during a charity tournament.

Doc was visibly frustrated and rightfully so because he was streaming for a good cause. If the stream snipers hadn’t ruined his stream, he might have been able to raise a lot more money for the charity. His angry outburst was justified and has again raised questions about the acceptability of stream-sniping.

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Stream-sniping is an age-old issue

Nowadays, it seems like with great popularity, comes the great risk of being stream-sniped. Shroud, Summit, Ninja have all been victims of stream-sniping and clearly, it hasn’t stopped. It also seems like there is no stopping it considering one can never know who is actually doing it on purpose.

The important question here is, when is it acceptable? Obviously, it would be better if it never happened at all. But there are certain situations, such as charity streams, where stream-sniping is especially unacceptable. Why would someone want to actively sabotage a stream after knowing it was happening for a good cause? This was probably why Doc lost his cool and voiced his opinion on the matter.

One can only hope stream-snipers will avoid creating such hindrances in the future!

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