Dr Disrespect Makes A Statement On The USA Race Riots

June 4, 2020 9:36 pm

In these cumbersome times, when the world is at war and everything is in a state of chaos, some rise up to restore our faith in humanity. Dr Disrespect is one of those leaders in society. In light of recent riots and political unrest, he decided to donate his entire stream money to charity for the month of May.

The wise build bridges when the fools focus on building walls. At this point, standing in solidarity is the only right thing to do; there are no ifs and buts. Dr Disrespect has massive popularity as an influencer. Using that to bring about some good in the world is the best he can do. 

At this point, everything the eSports community can do to help out should be seen as a blessing. This news re-establishes the much-needed humanity that has been lacking. Violence of any kind should be kept in games, and not on the streets.

Dr Disrespect takes a stand

The riots that have been raging rampant all across America. Right now, there is only one right choice. 

DrDisrespect clearly knows how to make a statement. His online presence and influence is something that is huge. When we see that it is being used for a good cause like this, we cannot but respect him wholeheartedly. 

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“I like to win… a fair game. And this is not”

Of course, the atrocities the weak face at the hands of the powerful has no limit. There is no sense of fair judgment or any scope for resistance. Yet, in these bleak moments, the strength comes from inside. DrDisrespect is just pointing out how all this is unfair.

The pride of the eSports community lies in its humble approach to serving society. To see that these entertainers are literally giving their bread and butter in benevolence is a beautiful thing. The entire community supports his decision and respects this initiative. 

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