Dr Disrespect Might Cause Twitch Streamers Trouble with Rogue Company

October 17, 2020 2:00 am

The gaming world cannot be the same without Dr Disrespect making the news now and then. Only a few months ago, the community was shocked to learn that the Two-Time would no longer stream on Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform had banned him and hasn’t specified why to date.

Dr Disrespect made a monumental return on YouTube, and everything has been fine since. However, Dr Disrespect is barred from any activity related to Twitch or his promotion of any manner on the platform. While the streamer seems to be doing fine for himself despite that, this clause might be causing trouble for others.

The popular 3rd person tactical shooter Rogue Company recently became free for all around the world. Doc had been playing this game since its closed beta days. He even offered to design a map for the game, which was promptly accepted by the developers at Hi-Rez. The devs recently added the map, in its final form, to the game.

The question now is, would playing the map spell trouble for Twitch streamers? As the map does not aid in any direct promotion of the Two-Time, there’s a good chance it won’t affect a soul on Twitch.

That is not the end of it, though. The game has also released an outfit that perfectly captures Doc, in form, figure and essence. So can Twitch streamers don the outfit on the platform?



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How can a Dr Disrespect skin land Twitch streamers in trouble?

As Twitch prohibits any kind of promotion regarding Doc, this skin is troublesome. The Dr Disrespect skin is an outfit for one of the Rogue’s named Dallas. Playing with a skin which is an unmistakable copy of Doc is bound to derive some kind of attention. This might be seen as a direct promotion of a banned personality on the platform.

Previously, Twitch streamers have gotten away with involving Doc on the platform by muting him. Nonetheless, this is a huge moment for the Doc. Will his achievement lead to some bans is what we have to wait to find out. We expect Twitch will speak on the matter soon.

Watch this space for more news on Twitch vs Dr Disrespect.

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