Dr Disrespect Mulling Putting Together an Arm Wrestling Tournament

November 19, 2020 10:52 pm

Apart from being the most ruthless competitor in video game history, Dr Disrespect has several other fields of interest. This primarily includes sports like Mixed Martial Arts, Basketball, and Football.

Doc has always been vocal about his favorite sports, and most recently, he made a very interesting announcement about an arm-wrestling tournament.

Apparently, the streamer might put together an arm-wrestling tournament and broadcast it live on ESPN 6.

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Dr Disrespect is unironically passionate about arm wrestling

Back in August, Dr Disrespect had discovered Devon Larratt while he was in the ‘rabbit holes’ of YouTube. As it turns out, Doc loved the professional arm-wrestler and praised his YouTube channel.

“This guy is literally.. my favorite person on YouTube right now. I love this guy!”

Surprisingly, this was not the end of the interaction between Dr Disrespect and the arm-wrestling veteran. Devon called Doc out in a video, claiming he would crush the streamer in Mortal Kombat 2.

True to his nature, the Two-Time was quick to accept the challenge.

“Trust me, I’m going to use the smoke, go below the screen, pop up right behind you, and finish it off.”

It is safe to assume that Devon Larret induced Doc’s interest in arm wrestling; accordingly, the streamer might actually put together a tournament of the same.

Remember when Doc bet $1 million dollars on a UFC fight?

There’s no doubt that Dr Disrespect is an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts, and the UFC. Time and again, Doc has correctly guessed the results of some of the most popular fights in the sport, and even bet tremendous amounts of money on them.

At UFC 253, the streamer presumed Israel Adesanya would easily win against Paulo Costa and surprisingly, this is exactly what happened. Similarly, at UFC 254, Doc apparently bet a million dollars on Justin Gaethje as he fought the lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, he ended up on the wrong side of the prediction, but the million-dollar bet was probably just a gimmick.

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Hence, it is safe to assume that Dr Disrespect looks out for ‘Violence, Speed, and Momentum’ in several domains outside of gaming. His recent tweet might be an over-the-top claim, but it certainly riled up his fans.

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