Dr Disrespect Obliterates StoneMountain64 After Being Matched the Same Warzone Lobby

November 11, 2020 7:04 pm

Call of Duty Warzone has quickly become one of the most loved games all over the world. It brings the fast-paced combat of Call of Duty games in the battle royale format, which is absolutely amazing. Clearly, the content creators also love it as a lot of the FPS streamers have started playing Warzone regularly. With so many of them playing the game, they are bound to come across other famous streamers as well. One such incident had Dr Disrespect come face to face with StoneMountain64.

Dr Disrespect dominates StoneMountain64 in Call of Duty Warzone

Zlaner and Dr Disrespect were streaming their regular Warzone match and were clearly dominating it. While the game was on, Zlaner mentioned that StoneMountain was in the same lobby and they need to take him out. On the other hand, Stone and his partner were already plotting to take out Doc and Zlaner.

Finally, the two teams came face to face and engaged in some high-octane, close-quarters combat. StoneMountain64 managed to put up a decent fight where Zlaner couldn’t survive. Although, Doc channeled his ‘Violence, Speed, Momentum’ and sent Stone to the Gulag.

Clearly, Dr Disrespect is one of the top players in CoD Warzone even though he isn’t a professional Esports player.

In the video Doc uploaded, he showed Stone’s stream as well. The encounter was definitely thrilling, but it was Doc and Zlaner who came out on top. Take a look at how the action unfolded below:

Doc and PewDiePie to stream Among Us soon?

Dr Disrespect and Zlaner’s duo has become a force to reckon with when it comes to Warzone. Both of them have dominated lobbies from time to time and have also managed to get 60+ combined kills in different matches. They also showed tremendous quality in Vikkstar’s Warzone tournament, even though they couldn’t win it.

While Doc dominates in Warzone, he recently mentioned how he knows nothing about Among Us. The game has blown up in popularity over the last two months, but Dr Disrespect is clueless about it. Although, he did mention that he would play Among Us at least once, with PewDiePie.

The pair has streamed together before when they played Fall Guys and now there’s a chance they may play together again. It’ll be interesting to see what tactics Doc uses to win games in Among Us. But you can bet your bottom dollar it will be something hilarious.

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