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Dr. Disrespect on Ninja and Shroud Future after Mixer Shut down

Dr. Disrespect on Ninja and Shroud Future after Mixer Shut down

Dr. Disrespect has been pretty vocal about the Mixer community moving to Facebook and the reason Mixer shut down. He has also had his say about the future of Shroud and Ninja, two of the biggest streamers in the industry.

What went wrong with Mixer?

Mixer shutting down was a shocking decision for a lot of followers. But, the decision to shut down and moving the community to Facebook Gaming was even more surprising. Over the past year, the live streaming industry has grown exponentially. Between April 2019 to April 2020, Facebook Gaming saw a 238% rise in its viewership. Reports also suggest that Twitch saw a 99% growth and YouTube Gaming saw a 65% growth in viewership.

Unfortunately, since Mixer failed to establish its community, it only grew 0.2% in the last year. Microsoft had invested millions of dollars in getting that biggest Twitch streamers ‘Shroud’ and ‘Ninja’ to Mixer. While this could’ve been a great tactic, things didn’t go their way. Back when Shroud moved to Mixer in 2019, Dr. Disrespect mentioned that you cannot buy a community or fans. His words were proven true when even with Ninja and Shroud at their side, Mixer couldn’t achieve the desired result.

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The Future of Ninja and Shroud

Ninja and Shroud are hardcore Twitch streamers and were basically Twitch royalty. Even though they switched to Mixer for a less than a year, they are still the top 2 most followed streamers on Twitch. But the Doc thinks it is highly unlikely that both of them will return to Twitch. He thinks Ninja will be better off joining YouTube Gaming.

According to Dr. Disrespect, Ninja doesn’t have that many ‘hardcore’ followers as compared to Shroud. He thinks Ninja’s followers are based on the initial momentum that Fortnite got when it launched and Ninja being able to adapt quickly to the game was his greatest advantage. So, it would be best for him to switch over to YouTube and build a new community.

Shroud on the other hand has a more ‘hardcore’ following, doc mentions. He says that the moment Shroud makes a comeback on Twitch, he’s going to be right back in the mix.

Doc also thinks that the Mixer community moving to Facebook is going to shake up the streaming industry. We definitely agree with that part because Facebook literally got millions of viewers almost overnight. This does give them an upper hand and we’ll have to see how they do in the coming year. Watch the video below to hear his thoughts:

All said and done, Ninja and shroud have a huge decision to make in the coming days and we’ll have to wait and see where either of them chooses to go. What are your thoughts on this?

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