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Dr Disrespect & Others Tear into Developer Who Claims Streamers Should Pay Game Companies

Dr Disrespect & Others Tear into Developer Who Claims Streamers Should Pay Game Companies

Being a video game streamer is like a dream come true for many. Not only has streaming evolved over the years, but has also turned into a full-time profession for many. The development of streaming over the years has been phenomenal, and it is only going to get better. Although, one particular developer thinks that streamers should be paying game companies for streaming their games. As a result, a lot of big-name streamers including Dr Disrespect, Mr Beast, and Pokimane spoke up against this.

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SG&E Montreal Studio’s Creative Director Alex Hutchinson voiced his opinion about the same on Twitter. He said, “Streamers worried about getting their content pulled because they used music they didn’t pay for should be more worried by the fact that they’re streaming games they didn’t pay for as well. It’s all gone as soon as publishers decide to enforce it.”

In addition to this, he also said, “The real truth is the streamers should be paying the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They should be buying a license like any real business and paying for the content they use.”

Obviously, this invited a lot of unfavorable from the entire streaming community where some of the biggest streamers in the world spoke up. Take a look at some responses below:

Dr Disrespect called out the supposed ‘Google Stadia’ Creative Director

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect also quoted Alex’s tweet and highlighted the fact that he is a Creative Director at Google Stadia.

Interestingly, he is not even the Creative Director for the entirety of Google Stadia. Bloomberg journalist Jason Schrier brought this to everyone’s attention through a tweet.

The aforementioned role in this article is something he probably changed when he saw his mistake. Obviously, this was a huge error on his part.  Eventually, it took away all the attention from the point he was making.

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Nevertheless, his opinion did not sit well with anyone in the community. The best example of this would be the popularity of Among Us. The game launched in 2018 but was virtually unknown to the masses. Once a few streamers started playing the game, it blew up in popularity and became one of the most streamed/watched games on Twitch, Additionally, it also topped the Steam best-seller list for quite a while. Considering this, game companies owe a lot to these streamers.

Clearly, Alex did not put a lot of thought into this before tweeting. As a result, this backfired onto him. Although, this definitely will create an interesting debate if someone comes along and supports his idea (Even though that is highly unlikely).

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