Dr Disrespect Reportedly Teasing a Collaboration with The Weeknd

October 16, 2020 10:06 pm

Since his return to the world of streaming, Dr Disrespect has been more than just busy. Not only has he ensured that his YouTube move is successful, but has also done everything in his power to ensure that his brand grows. His collaborations have been unique and have only propelled his popularity even further. Now, there might be a chance that he collaborated with popular artist The Weeknd for a song.

In a recent stream, Doc revealed that The Weeknd has approached him for a possible future collaboration. He said, “Listen, I got The Weeknd hitting me up on my flip phone saying we should collaborate. I’m thinking to myself, umm, let me see the contract.”

At this point, it wasn’t clear if Doc was joking, or he was being serious about it. Although, just after he said this, he picked up his flip phone where The Weeknd was on the line. Apparently, he was watching the stream and reminded the Doc of their collaboration.

Dr Disrespect has done many different things since his return to streaming

It is likely that this was just Doc being himself and nothing substantial. Although considering his recent collaborations, it may even become a reality. While he was still hinting towards his move to YouTube, Doc released two cryptic music videos. These videos featured the songs ‘Alleyways’ and ‘Red Skies’ by artist J+1. In addition to this, ‘Alleyways’ was also reportedly played at an NBA game, where Doc made a virtual appearance among the fans.

Doc also recently streamed with popular rapper Snoop Dogg, where the pair played Madden 21. He came close to winning but was edged out by Snoop. Although, him landing this collaboration was the bigger deal here. Now only was it good for his YouTube page, but was also a great decision to expand his horizons. He also now has his own map and skin in Rogue Company.

As mentioned earlier, Doc has ensured that his move to YouTube is successful. This is why the possible collaboration with The Weeknd may become a reality. Dr Disrespect has established himself as one of the biggest streamers in the world. This collaboration would blow his popularity through the roof and turn him into a true international icon.

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