Dr Disrespect Takes Doctober to the Next Level

November 3, 2020 6:43 pm

A month ago, popular Twitch turned YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect announced his 4th annual Doctober event. It is his signature Halloween event where fans get to cosplay and show off their best ‘Two Time‘ look. Naturally, one can expect things to get spooky around this time.

The first spooky appearance was a few days ago when Doc’s famous ‘Arena’ faced a power outage. Doc was excited to check out his new state-of-the-art garage for the Lambos. However, he was disappointed to spend all this money and not even get electricity.

Doc recently decided to get to the bottom of this issue. He went into the very depths of the Arena to figure out what was wrong. As fans had suggested, he also brought along a mystical Shungite rock to access the unknown that awaited him.

Dr Disrespect manages to restore power and unveil his garage

As soon as the ‘Two Time’ hopped into the lift, the cameras glitched. Once they came back on, the lift walls had blood on them. Everything was messy, but thankfully Doc was safe. When the doors opened, he entered something that looked like a dungeon. Doc used the rock to open a door in front of him.

As soon as he had entered the secret room, he saw something like an ancient fighting arena under ‘The Arena’. On it were banners with the faces of the winners of the previous 3 editions of Doctober. He finally reached the power source which seemed to be corrupted, and used the Shungite once again to extract what looked like some negative energy and finally restored the power.

Once the power was back on, Doc finally showed his new garage off. The highlight of the garage was his 1990 Lamborghini Diablo VT. It stood there in all its elegance as Dr Disrespect took it out for a spin. In order to celebrate the addition of his garage, Doc ensured that he didn’t lose a single game of Rogue Company on stream.

Doc’s theatrics keep on getting better. The build-up for the Doctober results only points to probably one of the best announcements by Doc this festive season. Stay tuned as we wait for the final results.

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