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Dr Disrespect Won’t Be Streaming With Twitch Buddies After Return

Published 08/01/2020, 4:08 PM EDT

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Recently, the gaming world saw a paradigm shift when Mixer shut up shop. Following this, Twitch went on to make the headlines by permanently banning some prominent members. So while Ninja and Shroud got a hefty payday, Dr Disrespect, Pokimane saw the bitter end of lady luck. Twitch has been quite strict with its Terms of Services since the beginning of 2020. 

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We saw how the popularity of a streamer didn’t matter when it came to handing out permanent bans. In the case of DrDisrespect, it was worse, as he allegedly did not get a proper reason for his ban. Although, it looked like he knew something was coming. 

For someone like DrDisrespect, one of Twitch’s star faces, a permanent ban hurts his gaming journey. He is, however, one of the most loved streamers in the community. Recently, we saw TSM Viss and TimTheTatMan express their discontent with the Twitch TOS.


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Twitch TOS won’t allow streams with Dr Disrespect 

With the rule that a player who is banned cannot appear, in any way, on any Twitch stream, things look bleak for Doc and his friends. TimTheTatMan and Doc always had some hilarious banter going from time to time. That made their bond stronger and much more interesting to watch. Tim said,

“In the words of Doc, it is out of my hands.”


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We have also seen the same reaction from TSM Viss. Both Tim and Viss spoke in a manner that showed how much the community supports Dr Disrespect. There have been previous cases were banned players were allowed on stream. Now it has to be off-stream, and this is quite disappointing. Tim clearly said in his stream, “dude just gets banned from a platform where he dedicated so much time to.”

It’s clear that this ban has affected people who love playing with Dr Disrespect. 

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Is this the future of streaming?

We have also seen how players take advantage of situations like these. Sodapoppin and Alinity being two prime examples. 

If there is a policy that includes a lot of composition from Twitch, that would be much better. The current situation with Dr Disrespect is not helping anyone, in any way. However, to hear that he would never play on a Twitch stream again is the harsh reality we are left with. 


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Source TSM VISS  TimTheTatMan

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