The world of streaming took a hit when multiple twitch streamers were caught off guard with DMCA claims for playing music without the rights. Nevertheless, recently, we saw some musicians and artists giving rights to Twitch streamers.

While this is bridging the gap between the two worlds, it also tells us how popular the gaming culture has become. Previously we have seen the likes of 21 Savage, KSI giving rights to play their music. With respect to the DMCA copyright issues, we are now seeing an influx of collaborations.

NickMercs just announced on his stream that he spoke to rapper Drake and now has the right to play his tunes on stream.


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Twitch streamers getting rights to play tunes directly from the musicians 

When Nickmercs realized the DMCA was a huge problem, he simply got in touch with the rapper.

“Can I play it, or are you going to rock me?” was what Nickmercs asked him.

Drake’s response to Nickmercs was quite simple and straightforward. “Just tell me what do I need to do, bro?” that response was enough to tell us more than everything. This also points to the resourcefulness of Nickmercs; the man just had to make a call. 

It is hardly surprising; we have come to know Nick as a very straightforward man.

We know Nickmercs and Nadeshot are no longer on good terms because of what transpired towards Nick’s last days at 100 Thieves. Now, he runs with the FaZe Clan. Drake is an investor at 100 Thieves. Nevertheless, the relations between everyone look to be friendly enough. Apart from Nick and Nade that is.


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The gaming community always finds a way out of problems


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In light of recent events, several streamers were worried. The complications it posed were grand enough not to be ignored. Amidst all this chaos, it was brilliant to see how two cultures can coexist peacefully.

Perhaps the best example of going around a problem is facing it head-on. That is precisely the case here as we might be seeing more Twitch streamers getting rights directly from artists. This humbly reminds us that the gaming community always finds a way to rise up to the problems they face.