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Dravid is happy that Pant and Samson don’t bat like him

Dravid is happy that Pant and Samson don’t bat like him

In the last match of Delhi Daredevils, they needed to chase 208 runs to keep themselves alive in the tournament. This task was a huge one for Delhi Daredevils’ batting with their current form. Despite all the challenges Pant (97) and Samson (61) recorded a match-winning partnership of 143 off 63 balls for the second wicket.

Pant & Samson

Pant missed his well-deserved century by just three runs, but when your team wins because of you then it doesn’t matter. Pant already announced himself when he was smashing every bowler in the U-19 World Cup but this inning might be a new start for his international career.
Delhi’s mentor Rahul Dravid was in a funny mood after the match as he took the interview of Pant and Samson. He was sarcastically saying that he used to bat like them. Obviously, it was a joke because Dravid used to bat very defensively. Although he was happy that Pant and Samson did not bat like him.
“Glad that you haven’t been watching videos of me batting,” the Delhi Daredevils coach said. Dravid asked Pant about his strategy when he was batting, he replied, “Nothing. I just told Sanju bhai ‘If you see the ball, just hit it.’ The ball is there to be hit, just hit it and don’t think about the next ball. If the next ball is also there to be hit, then again hit one. There was no plan in that way. We were just waiting for bad balls. I was in good nick and I was watching the ball well. The atmosphere really helped me I think. This game is all about mindset and it was very set, very clear and very positive.” Samson said “I started the innings really well. After hitting two sixes I wanted to take a single but Rishabh came up to me and said ‘bhaiya zyada socho mat, marte raho’ (Brother don’t think about it too much, just keep hitting). I guess that helped me as well.”
Pant definitely is going to be a big name in the cricketing world if he keeps playing like this. Apart from that match winning inning from Pant, he had another big moment when Sachin Tendulkar declared his inning as the best inning of IPL.

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