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DrDisrespect Takes a Subtle Dig at Twitch Following the DMCA Fiasco

DrDisrespect Takes a Subtle Dig at Twitch Following the DMCA Fiasco

Twitch started out its journey possibly as the first dedicated streaming platform and rose to huge popularity in no time. The entire community had been really happy with the platform and its streaming services. However, the recent events might soon result in the platform losing popularity. The platform recently removed the content of multiple streamers, some of whom are not even on the platform anymore, with seemingly no warning, citing DMCA issues. This angered the community, and among the ones expressing their displeasure was DrDisrespect (of course).

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The platform had been apparently receiving complaints regarding copyright issues about the music that the streamers have been playing on their broadcasts. This is specifically about music from 2017-19. Twitch recently announced that the platform will take these complaints seriously from now on.

Following this, the platform had sent out Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices and removed content from various streaming channels. The event inevitably blew up all over the internet. So much so, that the term “DMCA” became trending on Twitter for a while.

DrDisrespect offers a Synth-wave track featuring his voice to streamers in response to the Twitch DMCA situation

As a reply to this entire fiasco, DrDisrespect posted a tweet with the link to a fan-made song. VHS Glitch, the artist on the track, compiled the Doc’s voice from his streams back on Twitch, to make a synth-wave track. Doc posted this with the caption, “Play anywhere, on any platform… … strike free.”

 It would be quite something if streamers do use this track on their streams, even as a mode of protest. Because let’s face it, Doc has been the face of Twitch’s tyranny. He had been a star on the platform, and it removed him overnight with no public explanation whatsoever.

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