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UFC 4- Striking and Counter Fighting Tips To Master

UFC 4- Striking and Counter Fighting Tips To Master

Trying out UFC 4 online but not getting the wins? We know how frustrating that can be. EA’s new title is competitive and difficult to master if you are absolutely new to the game. Thankfully, Ricky J Sports shared some crucial tips to help everyone play better.

EA has made some major changes to UFC 4. They have changed the striking, the submission dynamics, and more. With all these changes, beating your opponent online might seem hard, but there are some basic tricks that’ll give you the higher ground.

Basic striking tips

When it comes to fight-simulation games, stamina is the key. You need to be economical with every move you make. If you needlessly go about throwing punches or kicks that do not connect, you are wasting a ton of energy.

While throwing your shots, make sure you connect with the opponent’s body. If you do not, at least make sure you force him/her to block.

Stamina is crucial in many areas. A fight need not end within the first round. You’ll need to conserve that stamina for subsequent rounds. Otherwise, it’ll take a toll on your fighter. Always remind yourself to keep a check on it.

The next tip is as crucial as the first one. If your opponent throws a shot at you, do not react quickly and fire shots back every time. Instead, observe and understand his moves and use that to your advantage.

When you keep blocking your opponent’s shots, you ebb away his stamina. Patience is the key and once they have their guard down, attempt your takedown.

Another tip to always remember is to not go with the same combo over and over again. Just like you, your opponent can also observe your moves and counter accordingly. So, be unpredictable with your moves, throw in a jab, follow it up with an uppercut or go for a roundhouse kick, but never the same moves again and again.

UFC 4 – Counter fighting tip

We are only going to cover one counter fighting tip and maybe that’s all you’ll need to turn the fate of a match. We are talking about the side step skill. Let’s go through the basics of the skill first.

To execute that skill, all you need to do is flick the left analog stick up or down. You can do it by blocking your face or protecting your body.

Do note that this is only effective against straight strikes like jabs, uppercut, front kick, or flying knees. However, you need to make the move before your opponent attacks.

As your opponent is about to strike, do the side step and throw your move; an uppercut, a straight hook, or even a superman punch and you’ll have your opponent down on the mat in no time.

So why wait? Start the game, go into practice mode, create your camp and practice these useful tips. Next time you face someone online, make sure to use these and let us know if they helped.

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