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Ecclestone keen on having the Indian Grand Prix back

Ecclestone keen on having the Indian Grand Prix back

Giving a little hope to the Indian Formula One fans, Bernie Ecclestone has stated that the future of the race is in the promoter’s hands and that he is waiting for the Jaypee Group to come back to him. The race initially had a contract of five years but only three of them took place, the last being in 2013 after the contract between the Jaypee group and the promoters was frozen due to variable concerns.

Ecclestone however seems keen to bring back the Indian Grand Prix to the calendar year 2016.

“I hope we have a race in India next year. I am waiting for the promoters to come back to me,” he told the Press Trust of India.

“We will do whatever is needed to make sure India is back. There are no added challenges to the event.”

“We just need the Jaypee Group to say that ‘we are happy to carry on’ and we can revive the existing contract.”

Ecclestone also stressed that the organisers have to make up their minds fast should they want to have a race on what is an already bulging draft schedule for 2016.

“They need to be in a hurry. Within the next two months, we need to know,” Ecclestone added.

Lewis Hamilton at Indian GP
Lewis Hamilton at the Indian GP


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