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Ecclestone Says Lewis Hamilton Not the Racer he Was

Ecclestone Says Lewis Hamilton Not the Racer he Was

Lewis Hamilton

It’s been three races and neither Mercedes nor Lewis Hamilton has won any race so far. The last time Lewis Hamilton didn’t win a single race from the first three was in 2016, when he lost the championship battle to Nico Rosberg. Call it sheer bad luck on their part or ridiculous good luck on their rivals part, Mercedes seems to be struggling to get the rythm going so far.

To top it all, Lewis’ contract expires by the end of this year and the contract negotiations have gone nowhere. While Tifosi are hoping the delays are due to a possible move to Ferrari, the Mercedes loyalists are hoping its just the money that’s coming in their way. Bernie Ecclestone, on the other hand thinks that something is bothering Lewis Hamilton entirely saying that the Brit

“He doesn’t seem to be the Lewis that he was before,” Ecclestone told Sky Sports News. 

“I don’t know whether it’s me,” he added. “But when you talk to him and see him act the way he acts generally, he’s not the racer he was.

He’s still very quick, still super talented, still a super nice guy,”

“But maybe he just getting a little bit tired of travelling and he’s fed up with things.

Commenting on the slump in Mercedes’ form, Ecclestone said, “I thought Lewis would win every race, so I’ve been proved wrong.”

When asked in Baku about his future, Lewis Hamilton said that the was committed to Mercedes.

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“I’m fully committed to Mercedes,”

“I have every plan to be with the team for the future.”

“We were planning to do it after the last race but we had a lot on,” he explained. “I was not really around to meet. I had one day at the factory and then I was in China. And then I was in the States.

“I don’t think either of us have that personality to say ‘I’m definitely going to be with them next year’ and then not be with them next year. So it is just about finalising and signing off.”

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