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Effective use of the batting powerplay

Effective use of the batting powerplay

“Make it or break it”-That’s the best way to describe the role of a Batting Powerplay in modern day cricket.

It is an exciting phase which can entirely change the course of the game within just a few overs for either team. The Batting Powerplay was initially introduced in order to cope with the growing popularity of T20 cricket. It was intended to open up the possibility of a higher score which would increase the viewership of the game.

However, over the years the commencement of the Batting Powerplay has seen batsmen enter into self-destruct mode and start falling like a pack of cards as the Powerplay turns out to be a blessing in disguise for the bowlers. Therefore, it must be handled with care. Here are few ways to effectively utilize the Batting Powerplay.

First of all, before entering a Powerplay, a team must ensure that the two batsmen on the field must be well settled and have a fair idea about the conditions prevalent on that track. It’s difficult for a new batsman to acclimatise early on, so it should ideally be taken when two set batsmen are well versed with the track.

Secondly, the team must make sure that they have ample wickets in hand before entering the Powerplay as it is likely that the team will lose a couple of wickets while going for quick runs.

Thirdly, a batsman should avoid coming under pressure if runs don’t come in the initial overs of the Powerplay. He must not feel frustrated and continue to play in his natural style, remaining unfazed by the surroundings. Otherwise, the consequences can be disastrous.

All in all, while contending with a Batting Powerplay, a batsman must be calm, composed and calculated in his approach. He should not get carried away with the advantage provided to him, as in many cases it could turn out to be counter-productive.

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