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Eintracht Frankfurt President Helps Fans Buy Beer

Eintracht Frankfurt President Helps Fans Buy Beer

The president of Eintracht  Frankfurt surely knows how to make himself be loved by the fans, not only by building a team capable of making excellent seasons as happened to the Germans last season.

Peter Fischer was following his boys who played the first leg of the second qualifying round for the Europa League group in Flora’s home in Tallin. And the top manager was welcomed by the 1,500 supporters in Estonia.

The fans sang to the president an eloquent “Offici the next drinking tour” and in response Fisher gave his beer. He then proceeded to give more money to the Eintracht Frankfurt fans. offering a drink to everyone present.

Coming to the actual match itself, Eintracht Frankfurt won their Europa League qualifiers match. Lucas Torro and Dejan Joveljic scored for Frankfurt and Mihkel Ainsalu scored for FC Flora.

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