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You are Either a Leader on the Pitch or Not – Pogba

You are Either a Leader on the Pitch or Not – Pogba

When Manchester United took on Leicester City in the opening game of the Premier League, Paul Pogba donned the captain’s armband. He then went on to put in a performance worthy of a captain in a 2-1 win.

The 25-year-old later revealed that he took pages out of the books from Old Trafford legends who led the side.

Pogba has captained the side before when Antonio Valencia was absent due to injury. Manager Jose Mourinho is unsure about the length of absence for the Ecuadorian right-back. This means that Pogba could get more chances to lead the side in the long term.

Just 26 days after scoring in France’s World Cup final win against Croatia in Moscow, Pogba was back in action with less than a week’s full training under his belt.

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba

He scored after three minutes from the penalty spot to set the Reds on the way to three points and lasted 84 minutes, before being described by Mourinho as “a monster”.

The Frenchman led United superbly by example and later said he’d picked the best bits from all his former skippers.

“When I was here before, Rio (Ferdinand) was captain. Patrice Evra was captain. Michael Carrick was also captain,“ Paul said. ”I went to Juventus and (Giorgio) Chiellini was the captain, and (Gianluigi) Buffon was the captain.

“I have learnt from all of them. I don’t think there is a book called ‘How to be a Leader’. You are either a leader on the pitch and off the pitch or you are not.

“I have always loved the club. I have played for the Academy, I have played for the first team and it was a dream come true. And now it is even more of a dream come true, wearing this armband, because of the past: the players who have played here and those who have been wearing this.

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Paul Pogba captained United in their opening game

Pogba revealed that first-team coaches Carrick and Kieran McKenna both pointed out his Reds background was one of the reasons he was handed the job against Leicester and the midfielder insists that being captain doesn’t alter his mindset for a game.

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