El Clasico Match Between Barcelona and Real Madrid to be Postponed

October 19, 2019 3:51 pm

The La Liga “El Clasico” match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is one tie that is highly anticipated. However, it has transpired that the epic clash has been postponed owing to security concerns in Barcelona.

According to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), tensions flared in Barcelona. The city-wide dissent was because of the controversial court decision jailing several leaders of the Catalan independence movement.

The movement helped organise a referendum on the subject in 2017, as per Goal.com. Now, the city has been hit by four consecutive days of violent clashes between protestors and security forces.

Several options were floated by the RFEF, including the possibility of changing the venue to Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu.

However, both sides agreed to play the match on a later date instead of a venue change. So, it has been reportedly decided that the El Clasico match will be held on December 7.

Ahead of the judgment, Barca coach Ernesto Valverde voiced his concerns about changing the league schedule.

“There has been a lot of chatter about that game. There was the possibility of changing the order of matches and playing the game at Madrid first, but we don’t see that. We have an away game this weekend, then we would have another next weekend, and then we have to go travel again,” he told Goal.com.

“Would a delay help Barca or Madrid? I don’t know, we are going to wait and see. We would be coming off a Wednesday game and they off a Tuesday game. It could seem we benefit more by not having to play, but those things are not very important. These games are so highly anticipated that I think the players are ready to play them whenever they are played.”

Currently, both La Liga giants lock out the top two spots the table, with Madrid ahead of arch-rival Barcelona.

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