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‘El Senor’, Xabi Alonso on the verge of leaving Real Madrid.

‘El Senor’, Xabi Alonso on the verge of leaving Real Madrid.

Xabi Alonso, one of the greatest midfielders of all time, has been in the news for his rumoured transfer to the German giants, FC Bayern Munich. The deal has been confirmed and will close for 8 million for a tenure of  two years. The former Spain international ended his international career this week after scoring 16 goals in 114 appearances.

Xabi Alonso is a Spanish midfielder who played for Real Madrid before moving to FC Bayern Munich . He plays the central midfield position and is renowned for his long through balls and pass accuracy. He started his football career in 1999 when he joined Real Sociedad B . He has scored 30 goals in 468 appearances even though his position is such which makes him non-ideal for scoring goals but  ideal for assisting others.

After losing Toni Kroos to Real Madrid and Javi Martinez due to ligament related injuries, Pep Guardiola diverted his attention to Xabi Alonso. But constraints like his age will be a negative factor and he will probably earn less there for the same reason.

If he stays in the club, he’d be receiving enough competition from the young lads like Rodriguez and Illaramendi which would finally compel him to leave. So it seems Alonso is making the right choice and to add to that, Bayern Munich have been very welcoming.

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