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Elon Musk Suggests Interesting Idea To Add Minecraft In Tesla

Elon Musk Suggests Interesting Idea To Add Minecraft In Tesla

“Minecraft has amazing legs”, Elon Musk has had a very peculiar request on Twitter. This request of his has come before as well, to add more video games in Tesla cars. While the automated car pretty much drives itself, it already has several games in it. From Fallout Shelter to Lunar Lander, to Cup Head, Missile Command, etc. The car has several games, Elon wanted to add Witcher to that list back in January. 

Now Elon Musk, feels that the car needs more interactive games like Pokemon Go or Minecraft. His tweet was quite suggestive of a possible collaboration with these franchises. Its Elon Musk; after all, he will always figure out a way to bring out the best experience in Tesla Cars. While some feel that this will affect the Tesla brand, Elon might have a good idea here. 

Tesla Cars Can Have A Minecraft Game?

Elon’s tweet had the first and foremost criteria covered, “drive safely.” So those criticizing the idea of more interactive augmented-reality games in Tesla cars can rest assured. Most definitely, they won’t make a game that takes the driver’s focus off the road. Which is why Minecraft seems like such a nice fit. For someone as eccentric as Elon, this doesn’t look too uncharacteristic. 

“Minecraft has amazing legs.” was the initial tweet followed up by the suggestions. The reason why it fits is that Minecraft is quite relaxing and won’t need much effort if an integrated version is created for Tesla. While this looks like a great business proposition for both companies. We are excited to see how this would pan out. 

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The Question Of Safety

No matter how easy a game is, it always requires some sort of focus. While Minecraft looks easy, and the suggestions are made for a different version. However, that won’t answer the question. The main priority here is the safety aspect. Although, knowing how brilliantly creative Elon Musk is with his solutions, we cannot really throw anything off the cards. 

The online community took to ridicule his idea, pivoting on these safety issues mostly. It’s a strange concept to add virtual-reality games to a car. Even if it’s automated and road-conscious. We can just wait patiently to see if this idea can ever become a reality. 

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