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‘Embarrassed’ Alonso Furious with McLaren-Honda After Belgian GP Struggles

‘Embarrassed’ Alonso Furious with McLaren-Honda After Belgian GP Struggles


No Formula One weekend is complete without news of McLaren-Honda’s struggles and the drivers’ frustration at not being competitive enough. Fernando Alonso once again made his feelings clear to his team on the radio as he was left at the mercy of other drivers. Alonso was soon put out of his misery when the team called him in to retire.

Fernando Alonso

As the MCL32 got swallowed up by the rest of the pack, it was clear that the Spaniard was not happy. Despite a good start, seeing him running in 7th, the 2 Force India’s and Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault made short work of him. As he tumbled down the order, he raged “This is embarrassing, really embarrassing” Later on, when the team informed him about the gap between himself and Romain Grosjean, who was ahead, he said “I really don’t care about the gaps, this is just a test.” Even when he successfully overtook another car, he said “I’ll be overtaken again on the next lap, I have no protection. But whatever, it won’t change my life.”.

He even had his own version of Raikkonen’s famous “Leave Me Alone, I Know What I’m Doing”, although this version came off as grumpy instead of amusing. Tempers flared in Belgium today as Max Verstappen juddered to a halt in front of 80,000 Dutch fans and a potential civil war loomed in the Force India camp. After a second collision between the Force India teammates ended in tears, Esteban Ocon was hopping mad and did not mince any words. “What the **** is he doing? What is going on?”

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