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Embarrassment for Renault F1 as Driver Crashes Their Car During Ayrton Senna’s Tribute Festival

Embarrassment for Renault F1 as Driver Crashes Their Car During Ayrton Senna’s Tribute Festival

Ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, Sao Paulo is hosting a fan event paying tribute to the legendary Ayrton Senna. Both Mercedes and Renault were present to lead the festivities in front of the fans. Unfortunately, a rather embarrassing moment occurred for Renault F1.

Apparently, Renault Academy Driver Caio Collet attempted a U-turn and overcooked it badly. The Brazilian driver ended up burying the nose of his car in the wall, something that evoked laughter from the fans.

Coming back to the actual event itself, the likes of Emerson Fittipaldi and Felipe Massa drove some of Senna’s historic cars. This included the Toleman TG184, and the Lotus 97T that took Senna to his first F1 victory in 1985.

According to Sean Bratches, F1 Managing Director of Commercial Operations to the F1 website: “Ayrton Senna is a true legend of our sport and his legacy is both immense and inspiring.

“It is our honour to bring Formula 1 to the streets of Sao Paulo with our partners Heineken to celebrate his life and his importance to the people of Brazil.

“We will be celebrating his life by giving fans the chance to get up close and personal with modern and historic F1 cars that will give them a once in a lifetime experience of the speed, sound, and excitement that F1 has to offer.

“Brazil has a special place in the F1 family, and we are really excited to bring this event to Sao Paulo a week before the Grand Prix at Interlagos.

“Formula 1 is also delighted to announce that fellow Brazilian F1 hero’s Felipe Massa and Emerson Fittipaldi will be joining us to drive Senna’s historic cars.”

The Renault crash proved to be quite awkward, and even more so that it was a Brazilian driver. Fortunately, it seems that the car sustained minor damage, while the driver probably wounded his pride.

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