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The Emerging Players Of IPL 2017

The Emerging Players Of IPL 2017

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Tiny sparks become mighty flames, a faint lightning turns into a thunder bolt, and as we have witnessed time and again some unknown spirited young men transform into international champions. Every year the IPL introduces us to some exciting talent, players we haven’t seen before, we haven’t witnessed much of their magic and suddenly they come into the limelight and how! Those heart-warming performances impress us so much that these unknowns soon become household names. Here is our list of this year’s emerging stars of the IPL:

6.Mohammed Siraj

Mohammed Siraj
(source: cricketcountry.com)

He has had very humble beginnings. The son of an auto rickshaw driver, Siraj has been an exciting find in this year’s IPL. Pace seems to come him very effortlessly, though he did bowl a few sloppy overs initially due to nerves. But once he was into his rhythm it was a delight to watch him. He has left all the cricket analysts in awe with the prospect he is.

Best performance: 2-26 v/s KKR

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