Despite No On-Track Action, Mercedes Demolish Ferrari Yet Again

October 31, 2020 12:42 pm

After having called off FP1 and FP2 at Eifel Grand Prix, it happened again in Italy. The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix had no Friday free practice. Instead, the racers took a track tour and paid their tribute to the legend, Ayrton Senna. The customary press conference followed that and the usual Mercedes Twitter banter.

Sounds boring by the sound of it, right?

Well, till the Mercedes twitter handle is active, even a no race weekend can be interesting. The Mercedes-AMG-F1 handle keeps lifting the mood with its sharp humor and trolling teams left and right. This year, their favorite has been the Red Italians.

The handle let out a random tweet about the no Friday practice, reading, “Hey, we just woke up. What happened in Friday practice?” This itself was a dig at the F1 regulations.

To make the situation even more hilarious, a fan replied, “Ferrari came 1-2.” What followed was sheer sarcasm from Mercedes, “Come on. We’re being serious.”

This doesn’t get any worse for Ferrari. The Germans have been trolling Prancing Horse for a while now. To see Ferrari stand 1-2 even in Friday practice is dreaming of Utopia. Even Ferrari fans will laugh at this possibility this season.

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Ferrari keeps providing content to the Mercedes

They set the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix near the home of Ferrari. F1 has already been to Italy 2 times before this and Imola is the third visit. Yet, Ferrari has not really surprised anyone back home with their performance. At Monza, both their racers faced DNFs and in Mugello, their best was P8 by Charles Leclerc.

Even after such shambolic performances, Mattia Binotto told Sky Sports yesterday that the team is going through a phase. The phase that Binotto talks about is a technical lull that teams usually face, but not this long. Ferrari’s last championship was back in 2008. It has been a decade since they last won.

Mattia Binotto may render several excuses for the team’s failing form, but the car has choked the drivers in reality. Honestly, Charles Leclerc has been burning the wheels back at Portimao and he has been doing so for the entire season. Sebastian Vettel can’t get a hang of the car, and it is not even the German’s fault.

If Ferrari continues to maintain their present form, they will just be providing content to the Silver Arrows to keep trolling them. Arguably, the only positive news about Ferrari this year is Mick Schumacher testing a 2018 car and feeling overwhelmed. How long does it take for a star-studded team to pull up its socks and start bagging those podiums? Well, the answer is Binotto’s silence.

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