England Cricketers Katherine Brunt and Natalie Sciver Announce Their Engagement

By 12 months ago

England cricketers Katherine Brunt and Natalie Sciver announced their engagement on October 11. The day is also the ‘national coming out day’ in the UK, after having dated each other since England’s World Cup win at Lord’s in 2017. They won the title by beating India. In an interview with The Guardian, fast bowler Brunt shared the story why she now wanted to make her same-sex relationship public.

Katherine Brunt said her parents are little different from Sciver’s. They are Christian and that is something which has never done in her family. Even it was difficult for her to explain the things to her parents.

“My parents are different to Natalie’s. They are quite Christian so it is not something that is done and that’s why it has held me back. They don’t believe in the way I choose to live my life, basically… Having to tell my parents was really difficult because I care a lot about them so it was something I put off for a long, long time,” she shared.

However, she realised with age that it is nothing but staying happy and live a proper life. She also thinks her parents would support her as they love her and woud be there always. She even shared how she expressed her feelings to Natalie Sciver after England’s World Cup win in 2017.

“I knew it was right. I know there is nobody who is better for me. I had put it off but then I just asked her. I am shit at remembering dates but I knew that I would never forget that one. Genius from me,” she expressed.

Both Brunt (34) and Natalie Sciver (27) have been playing key roles for England since their debut. They have signed by the Trent Rockets for the inaugural season of ‘The Hundred’, and there is a chance that they may be joined by another married same-sex couple, South Africa skipper Dane van Niekerk and the all-rounder Marizanne Kapp.

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