“England is Safer Than Whatever is Happening in Pakistan Right Now” Quotes Michael Holding

June 26, 2020 11:07 pm

West Indies legend Michael Holding feels that Pakistan’s cricket team would be safer in England as compared to Pakistan. Pakistan is scheduled to tour England for a three-match test series and three T20 matches in August. They are expected to leave Pakistan on June 28 for the same. However, 10 out of 29 international Pakistan players have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Despite this, both PCB and ECB said that the tour is very much on track. 

Talking about the same, pace legend Michael Holding stated that it would be better for the Pakistan team to reach England as they would be kept in a bio-secure environment and will be away from the danger of being COVID-19 positive. On his YouTube show, ‘Mikey – Holding Nothing Back’, he said, “Well, it would seem that England is safer than whatever is happening in Pakistan right now. They (Pakistan team) are perhaps better off coming to England. As opposed to staying in Pakistan because it is even worse there. Once they get to England, they will be in a biosecure area,” 

“Once they arrive, they will have to do their two weeks of quarantine as I am doing at the moment. They will be moved to a biosecure area to make sure they are not infected. They should be ok from there on,” Holding added.

ECB should have the problem with Pakistan tour and not Pakistan: Michael Holding

Michael Holding further quoted that it would be no surprise if ECB or people of England have issues in Pakistan cricket team touring England as the number of positive coronavirus cases are much more in Pakistan than England. Though the cricketer added that once the Pakistan team lands in England, the chances of them contracting the deadly virus would be very less. 

The former cricketer stated, “If anyone should say that the tour should not go ahead. It should be the ECB or the people here in England. Because Pakistan is among the top countries in terms of positive tests. I don’t think there is much chance of getting it once they get here like West Indies team.”

“They haven’t had any problems since they arrived. If anyone had the virus it would have shown up by now. So people that think the Pakistan team should not come here are probably thinking more about the England team rather than their own,” he concluded. 

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