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“Epic Games need to change attitude” SypherPK On Reshaping Fortnite

“Epic Games need to change attitude” SypherPK On Reshaping Fortnite

SypherPK said few things on his hour-long Twitch stream the other day raising the issues which Fortnite is currently facing. Ninja posted a tweet today saying that Sypher’s video “hit hard”. Indeed it did, for all the pro gamers as well as the regular players. It is true that Fortnite is not what it was during the 2019 world cup. People were frustrated throughout, both on the casual and competitive side. 

A few days ago, #ripfortnite was trending across the globe, and people were responding with “thank you Epic Games” etc. The pro gamers came out with their perspective, to save the game we all love. Fortnite has seen bad days, but indeed not as bad as this one. An utter lack of communication between the developers and the pro-gamers brought us to this situation. SypherPK uploaded another video, summarizing his hour-long twitch stream to explain what the game needs now.

“It’s never been as bad as its been right now.”

The pro players are upset, as well as the content creators. The fun element has disappeared from the game, and it has become mechanical and extremely competitive. Even in the non-competitive modes, Fortnite is not the same anymore. Then comes the tournaments, which are brilliant, but hosted on “laggy servers.” “No one really knows what is going on with coinflip. We have done extensive testing with coinflip, and even though they said its working as intended.” He spoke about the inconsistencies are still repeating themselves. 

He went on to explain why the controller players are replacing keyboard players. “Aim assists or not”, this statement shows that it does not have much to do with the controller vs console debate. He said even if aim-assist was too strong, a player should be used to playing with what he is playing, and it is not something to complain about. Truth is console players are shifting to Valorant or Call Of Duty Warzone. Content creators have to wait for hours simply because solos are have become so competitive. “They are all moving to Valorant; they are going to a safe place because there are no controller players on Valorant.”

Epic’s attitude and Skill-based matchmaking are significant problems in Fortnite

He also explained the SBMM with respect to Apex Legends. How regular Apex players would dominate high ranking player (who stopped playing for a while). The way Epic Games interact with competitive and casual players, the attitude makes all the difference. During the video, he raised a brilliant point about how Epic could have reacted for the community to respond in a better way.

All we can do is hope that this situation will change and Epic Games will take the necessary steps to revitalize the game we love.

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