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Epic Games vs Apple: SypherPk Shares His Thought

Epic Games vs Apple: SypherPk Shares His Thought

The Epic Games vs. Apple issue has become the talk of the town, and for good reason. With people weighing in on both sides of the ongoing tension, the situation has sparked a lot of debate.

The issue has already become an ugly gravy and it is becoming more and more unclear as to which side will ultimately have its way. Recently, the Fortnite pro- SypherPK uploaded a video offering his two cents on the issue.

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In his video, Sypher tries to explain the entire situation to his viewers and gives his own opinion towards the end. He points out that if Epic Games manages to emerge victorious, it would be a huge push up not just to themselves, but to the small-time developers who are trying to make it big out there.

“It’s gonna be a huge win for small developers”- SypherPK

He points out that the 30% cut that the Apple Store had been taking probably did not hurt Epic Games financially. They did not want Apple’s supposed monopolistic reign to exploit them.

A cut as huge as 30% will end up being an added burden on the small-time developers who are trying to get their product in the market through Apple. Furthermore, there are taxes that they have to pay. With such recurrent leaking expenditures, an app might nosedive into the ground before it can even take off.

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It did not sit well with Apple when Epic found a bypass to let the players buy V-bucks at cheaper prices through Epic itself. By extracting the cut and removing alternative ways, it is clear that Apple will not allow anything to compromise with their supposed existing monopoly.

On the other hand, there are plenty of developers who are starting out and have chosen or keep choosing iOS and Mac as their platform because of its huge user base. But if they face what Epic has faced, it would not end well for them. Moreover, by blocking the use of an essential tool as the Unreal Engine, developers will suffer anyway, at least for the time being.

Hence, as we said before, Epic Games’ win would mean a huge victory for gaming and software development as a whole. What’s your take on the whole issue?

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