Epic Games Warns Player After Cheating Incident in Fortnite Competitive

October 20, 2020 8:55 pm

Fortnite Championship Series for Chapter 2 Season 4 is live, and pros around the world are competing or streaming the event. For the fans, such high-level competitive tournaments are always a delight because of the strategic and intense gameplay. However, things took an ugly turn when NRG eSports’ Fortnite pro Ronaldo encountered a cheating incident live.

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Pros debate over “collusion” in competitive Fortnite

During the stream, a player named Paper clutched against a trio single-handedly, prompting a crazy reaction from Ronaldo. However, he soon found out that both the teams had already discussed their drop locations and had deliberately colluded. According to the pro, Fortnite’s competitive rules do not allow this.

Later, players from both the teams opened up on Twitter about the incident. Paper uploaded screenshots of his conversation with Bully, who was a part of the team he had clutched against. In the screenshots, both the players were having a discussion on their landing spot. Bully told Paper that he would drop backside, but didn’t tell Paper that his teammates would drop main.

Epic Games gives a competitive warning to Bully

Both Paper and Bully tried their best to absolve themselves, but Bully had said on Ronaldo’s stream that his intention was to clean up Steamy with Paper’s team. Professional tournaments, like FNCS,  do not allow players to share their strategies pre-match, which is exactly what Bully did.

As a result, a lot of fans speculated that Epic Games will ban the pro. However, the developers only gave Bully a competitive warning for his actions.

The Fortnite community has contrasting opinions on the matter. Bully’s fans are happy with Epic Games’ decision because they think the pro didn’t commit an offense worthy of a ban. On the other side, Paper’s supporters feel that Bully deserves a permanent ban from competitive Fortnite.

Fortnite’s competitive scenario includes a lot of young players who are ready to prove themselves on the big stage. However, incidents like these are unfortunate and harm the integrity of the competition. For the sake of competitive Fortnite, the community will be hoping this warning gets the desired results and players refrain from repeating Bully’s actions.

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