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xQc Flexes on Forsen After Taking Back the Crown of Minecraft Record Holder

Published 05/07/2023, 7:45 AM EDT

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The legendary rivalry between xQc and Forsen has taken yet another turn. The two famous streamers have been competing in Minecraft for well over the years. But the most interesting part of this rivalry is the friendly beef they have been having over the topic in public, much to fans’ delight.

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In recent news that has come to light, xQc has dethroned his rival to claim the title for the Minecraft speed run king yet again. And his way of announcing the triumph was a hilarious one too.

xQc sets a new Minecraft speedrun record


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The 27-year-old streamer tweeted out a meme collage for the announcement of his new world record, while also tagging Forsen. He shared the meme quote “It’s Joever,” along with his time for the speed run of 16 minutes and 38 seconds.

This is a whole two minutes advancement over the previous world record set by Forsen. Earlier with a time of just over 18 minutes, Forsen had beat xQc in this sandbox game’s speedrun. The streamer himself saw Forsen’s record-setting speedrun, while commenting, “What the f*ck! That’s lucky as f*ck.” 


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But now xQc has the upper hand over his rival. And the story behind the start of their ongoing speedrun rivalry is a long one too.

The friendly rivalry between the two Minecraft streamers


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First popularized by Dream and GeorgeNotFound, multiple Twitch streamers tried their hands on Minecraft speedrun. As many fell off in their attempt, xQc and Forsen prevailed on top. Their Minecraft feud began in 2020 when they began attempting to obtain higher speedrun times. Forsen eventually held on to a time of 20 minutes and 38 seconds from April 2021 to January 2023 after considerable back-and-forth.

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But this changed when xQc got the best of him again in January 2023. The streamer set a record of 20 minutes and 5 seconds, beating Forsen’s record by a marginal half-minute. But Forsen got back on top again with a considerable gap after recording a time of 18 minutes and 10 seconds. The final verdict, as of now, is xQc has got the best of Forsen yet again with a gap similar to the one Forsen previously had.


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What are your thoughts on xQc emerging on top of the rivalry with Forsen? Do you think he will be able to maintain this title for a long time? Let us know in the comment section below.



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