Escape From Tarkov: New Update Promises Improved Stability and Fixes

June 30, 2020 11:42 pm

Escape From Tarkov has got the hopes high of many fans and players out there already. This first-person shooter game with RPG elements is set to be one of the most realistic ones as of now. While the game is still in the beta stage, a lot of players are playing/streaming the game through its early access program. With the mixture of FPS and MMORPG elements and the interestingly detailed map design, Escape from Tarkov might just be a treat when it finally launches.

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Battlestate Games, the developers, have posted a tweet today announcing that they will be uploading the update patch for the game. This game has seen some steady and systematic development with significant updates. The last update brought the game global wipe and AI improvements among other things. The present update has focused on bug fixes, stability improvement, and new quests.

The latest update has fixed a lot of bugs in the game

In a reply to the above tweet, Battlestate Games gave a list of bugs they fixed with this update.

Firstly, the fixed the issue of bullets dealing double damage when someone is shot in the thorax. Devs also fixed the issue of outdoor sounds being played while the player is indoors. This issue would usually happen after reconnecting the game.

In addition to this, the devs also fixed the bug that caused Killa to not shoot back (if you thought you played good there, it was actually a bug. Sorry). Another important bug fix is the Weapon icon won’t get blocked in the “Add offer” window.

Apart from this, as is mentioned in the tweet above, devs have added 2 new quests for Prapor. Devs have also added a number of improvements, optimizations, and freeze fixes to make the gameplay experience even better.

The Update will bring more stability to Escape from Tarkov

Along with improving the quality of gameplay through various fixes, the devs have also focused on improving the stability of the game with this update. Devs have announced this in another tweet.

Escape from Tarkov has already earned quite a lot of praise from players and streamers alike. On a stream, Shroud really praised the new “Streets of Tarkov” map. Although still in the beta stage, the game looks very promising and different from the other FPS titles out there.

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