ESL Pro League: Liquid Reign Supreme Over MiBR

March 28, 2020 9:33 pm

The ongoing Counter Strike Global Offensive event ESL Pro League is giving us some exciting match-ups, with Team Liquid going up against MiBR today. After a tight start, Liquid went on a rampage to win the series 2-0. MiBR is under some serious pressure now as their poor fortunes continue.

MiBR’s poor form continues at ESL Pro League

MiBR were hoping to overturn their poor form of the last 10 months at the ESL Pro League. They went with the Overpass map for the Terrorist side of their map pick.

The clash started off just as the Brazilian team would have wanted. They won the first three rounds only to lose the next five and make the score 5-3 in Liquid’s favor.

MiBR did manage to break their 5-match win streak with the help of some good performances from Epitacio “TACO” de Melo and Ignacio “meyern” Meyer to take the lead again at 7-5.

Unfortunately for MiBR, this is where their good fortunes ended with Keith “NAF” Markovic and Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski of Liquid stepping up to grab their lead back and make it 8-7 at the end of the half.

After the half, Team Liquid were near impossible to stop. Once they claimed the pistol round, there was no stopping them. Liquid won 8 consecutive rounds post the switch to win the Overpass map 16-7!

EliGE proved to be their star performer with 13 kills and 3 Deaths.

Liquid continues dominance

Leading the series 1-0, Liquid opted for the Dust2 map, starting on the Terrorist side. Liquid started Dust2 in the same manner they ended Overpass- utter dominance.

Jake “Stewie2K” Yip gave them a great start with a clutch 1v1 win at the B bombsite.

As the series progressed, Liquid continued to pull away from MiBR. It was only after Liquid took a 6-0 lead that MiBR finally got on the board. In the following round, MiBR managed to go 5v2 against Liquid, enabling them to win a second consecutive round.

However, that was the best they could manage. NAF put in a sublime performance to win, despite finding himself 1v3.

Liquid went on to win their Terrorist half on Dust2 with an impressive scoreline of 13-2.

After the switch, Twistzzz and NAF worked in tandem to win the pistol round. The series did not last too long after that, with Liquid winning the next two rounds as well to win the series 16-2.

After a somewhat slow start, Liquid roared right back taking the game to their opponents and dominating them in the most indicative manner. To highlight Liquid’s dominance you just need to look at this- they won 27 rounds from 29 rounds after having gone down 7-5 in the very first series.

Team Liquid will play 100 Thieves next in the ESL Pro League.

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