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Fortnite Birthday – Recap and What to Expect this Year?

Fortnite Birthday – Recap and What to Expect this Year?

It has officially been 3 years since Fortnite made its debut. The game’s birthday has many fans expecting events and major rewards. Epic Games is yet to announce more news related to the 3rd birthday but players worldwide are expecting Fortnite to drop some sort of surprise. 

Fortnite by Epic Games is touted to be the biggest Battle Royale at the moment. The game was released back in 2017 with Fortnite: Save the World, a shooter-survival game mode. Battle Royale mode came in later and later Creative came into existence. 

Fortnite recap

The game has had its fair share of great memories this year. Starting off, everyone was awaiting big changes and updates and the developers did not disappoint.

Fortnite recorded a staggering number of viewers for the Travis Scott Astronomical event. The world pandemic situation might have been a crucial factor. Nonetheless, the event was a huge success for the game and fans were left wanting more such events from the game.

Days later, fans were surprised to know that Christopher Nolan’s new movie trailer would be debuted in the game. Upcoming movie ‘Tenet’ is one of the biggest projects this year and the trailer airing on the game was a huge hyper for both parties.

Recently, we saw water level receding in the game and the introduction of new DC Superheroes and villains. Vehicles will also make their way into the game after allegedly being pushed further. The game looks strong and fans can surely expect more such events to drop in the coming days.

Previous birthday anniversaries

The 3rd birthday celebration marks the entry of the game with the Save the World mode. The third anniversary for Battle Royale mode is due in September.

Last year, both Save the World and Battle Royale had things in store for Fortnite’s birthday. The date for the event has not been constant. Last year it was on July 25th and fans expect something on the same date.

In previous years, there were a couple of challenges. Playing 10 matches, dancing in front of birthday cakes and even the chance to complete challenges and win cosmetics rewards such as a pickaxe, wrap emoji and music pack.

Odds of the event happening this year

Well, Epic hasn’t made a big deal of the birthday event this year. In the website, they did announce the birthday brigade Penny; which is for Save the World. Also, perks were available on the quest Sploding Husks from July 24. 

  • Standard Perk: One Hot Minute
  • Decreases the Plasma Pulse Cooldown by 18%
  • Commander Perk: One Hot Minute+
  • Decreases the Plasma Pulse Cooldown by 42%

There will, however, be no birthday Llama for the year. Epic also announced that the birthday Llama will make a return next year.

Apart from this, it appears there will be no other events this year. No information was found by data miners and that leads us to believe that Epic has nothing planned. Perhaps, we could see the celebration events drop in September to honor the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite.

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