10 Nintendo Games That You Should Definitely Try on the OLED Version

Published 10/10/2021, 2:12 PM EDT

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been released and the fans are extremely excited about it. The OLED screen is just fantastic. It is slightly bigger and vibrant than the conventional Switch. Here are 10 Nintendo Games that you should definitely try on the brand new OLED model.


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So, revisit all these games on a better screen to get a better experience.


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Games worth playing on Nintendo OLED

The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild

The very first game on this list is the ultimate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is a visually stunning game. There are so many different biomes, different colors at different times of the day. So, if you haven’t tried this classic title yet, then you should definitely try it on the OLED version.

Astral Chain

Next up we have Astral Chain. Another visual treat with tons of anime action. It also has a ton of vibrant colors, just the introduction of the game is mesmerizing. It has the perfect amount of wild plot with action and, of course, visuals. Try this Nintendo game on an OLED model if you haven’t already.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

OLED is brilliant for those deep dark blacks and Luigi’s Mansion 3 is just perfect to try the contrast of the OLED model out. It is a dark-lit game with, of course, plenty of vibrancy, making it just perfect for an OLED screen.

Eastward on Nintendo OLED

Next on the list is Eastward. This game’s visuals are absolutely incredible with some greatest pixel art so far. Some areas of this game are gloomy and have that underground feel about it. So, if you haven’t tried this classic title yet, then you should definitely try it on the OLED version.


The critically acclaimed title Hades is a masterpiece. It has a deep and engaging story. The player’s ultimate goal is to escape the underworld while fighting against the evils.

Monster Hunter Rise

Next up on the list is the classic Monster Hunter Rise. The list would be just incomplete without this masterpiece. Some of the maps and areas in the game are so vibrant and classic.

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Dragon Quest XI

Another visual treat title is none other than Dragon Quest XI. It has well-developed characters, twists, delightful music, exceptional visuals, a plethora of amazing combats, and an incredible environment to explore. Basically, it is a bright vibrant, full package game that would look splendid on Nintendo OLED.

Super Mario Odyssey

Another worth mentioning title is Super Mario Odyssey. 3D Mario games are quite popular among players nowadays. Super Mario Odyssey is a master class in visuals and color contrast. It is like Nintendo has used every color in the rainbow in this game. It is a fantastic choice for the Nintendo OLED model.

Octopath Traveler on Nintendo OLED

Another game worth mentioning on this list is Octopath Traveller. This is a very popular RPG with a unique art style. It majorly features pixel sprites along with a Voxel environment and some interesting depth of field and god rays. It perfectly combines a trip to nostalgia lane with some thrilling modern twist.


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Game Builder Garage

Game Builder Garage, as the name suggests, is all about building things. A bigger screen of OLED is going to be extremely helpful in this game. It is definitely worth your time if you are into building things.


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So there you have it. These are all the top games that you should definitely try on the OLED model. What do you think about the brand new Nintendo OLED model? Also, which one is your favorite game on the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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