18-Year-Old Minecraft Content Creator Pulls Off a Remarkable Crafting of the Entire Universe on the Utopian Lands

Published 10/18/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

As video games evolve with time, so do the gameplay and its generation-defining mechanics. More so, it unfolds something new and better in front of the community. But one shall not deny the fact that gamers and creators do get more creative with time. And certainly, this recreation of the universe inside Minecraft sets a benchmark.

Minecraft is a well-known game in the video gaming community. The game has facilitated players to step on unexplored lands. It facilitates one to build a whole new universe out of it, or rather in it. Surprisingly, a Minecraft player and content creator has unleashed something impeccable.


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Minecraft creator brought the universe a bit closer to the community

Minecraft stands as one of the most loved video games for it gives freedom to players to give life to their imagination. The players are required to craft tools, find food and make a shelter. All in all, giving them a platform to build their one universe.

Now, planet Earth is evidently a part of a beautiful universe that engulfs the whole wide world. Surprisingly, this became an inspiration for Minecraft content creator Christopher Slayton. And he went ahead to give life to his impeccable envision of the universe inside the video game.

As told by the organization IGN, it took two months for the 18-year-old creator to build this masterpiece. Moreover, Christopher posted a walkthrough of the creation on his YouTube channel ChrisDaCow.

Furthermore, the Twitter account Windows Central Gaming brought forward the feats of the creator. In their tweet, they attached the clip that gave a glimpse of the Solar System, Black Hole, Super Cluster, and other aspects of the entire universe.

As soon as the tweet surfaced, the fans got amazed by the jaw-dropping end result of the creator’s venture. Moreover, they went ahead to showcase their acknowledgments for the remarkable project. To give a closer look at their reactions, here are the reaction of the people to the tweet:

A glimpse of the feats that the creator performed while creating the entire universe

Christopher started the video by giving a brief about how he will create “everything from the smallest planet to the entire universe.” From lighting to edge-sharp figures, the creator enclosed the entire universe inside Minecraft. Throughout the video, he explained how he did meticulous calculations, which led to adding the perfectionist touch to the project.


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To give a gist of his hard work and dedication, the creator managed to create the Pillars of Creation. The heavenly entity of the universe is like elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula. Surprisingly, the entity was 1175 times the solar system that he had made in the game.

From the background to the minutest pixel, the creator nailed creating the Pillars of Creation. Hence, one can only imagine but also see through his video how the thought was put to life in Minecraft. Above all, he did the remarkable deed of bringing the universe a bit closer to the community to glance at.


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If you were to recreate something inside a game, what it would be, and in which game? Do tell us in the comments section below.



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