2022 Recap: The ‘Game of the Year Award’ Winner Elden Ring Has Another Title to Its Name

Published 12/31/2022, 10:00 AM EST

2022 was a fantastic year for Elden Ring. Released on February 25 of 2022, the game became an instant hit among the gaming community. The theme and gameplay lured more players into the game. And ultimately Elden Ring sold 1.4 million copies in its first month.

The feat of the action RPG did not stop there. The game was compared to many top AAA titles and went on to compete in the 2022 Game Awards under many categories. And it emerged victorious as the ‘Game of the Year’ in 2022. Furthermore, Elden Ring has one more record this year.


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Elden Ring: The most completed game

Among the records Elden Ring set, this is a unique one. In 2022, Elden Ring was the most completed game. According to the statistics of HowLongtoBeat, Elden Ring was completed by 6000 players, making it the most completed game of 2022.

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That is not the only 2022 record of the game. Elden Ring also has the most quit rate. That is, many players retired from playing the game. Around 270 players reported doing so.

This is a unique record. There were other records also for the action RPG game. It was the longest game of 2022, and the most-reviewed game of the year.

Fans reacted to this unique record

The gaming community took to their socials to react to this unique record the ‘Game of the Year’ winner set. Many went on to say that, even though they were able to complete the game, there were a ton of side quests to the game. This increases the time to complete the game.

Some people expressed their grief in not being able to finish the game. Or even, not being able to get out to the initial stages. They have found the game to be a tad difficult to beat.

Moreover, the game was the most completed and most ‘quit’ game. This also became the talking point of many.

To many, the reason for people quitting the game is very subjective. That is, many won’t like this particular genre. It’s like some people may be interested in FPS shooters, while others are in RPG games. So when trickling down, it’s just a matter of interest.


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Furthermore, the second most completed game on the list is ‘Stray’ followed by ‘Pokemon Legends: Arceus’. Stray also has another 2022 record to its name. The unique adventure game had the most speed runs in 2022 with more than 120 runs.

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