2022 Was the MrBeast Year”: The Millionaire Shares Different Records He Achieved in the Last Year

Published 01/02/2023, 8:45 AM EST

2022 was an amazing year for MrBeast. Jimmy Donaldson and his crew broke record after record last year. As such, MrBeast went on to become the most subscribed individual on YouTube. Moreover, Jimmy surpassed the former YouTube king PewDiePie. He even overtook PewDiePie’s most-watched video record.

Now, as the new year has dawned, MrBeast shared yet another achievement that his channel got in the last year.


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2022 was a tremendous year for MrBeast.

The year 2022 was Jimmy Donaldson’s year. He set many insane records in the past year and cemented his position as the king of YouTube. Now, MrBeast has shared a few other records that he set in the past year.

The first one among them is a record on TikTok. TikTok, the popular platform for sharing short videos, has become the go-to place for many in the past decade. And now, MrBeast has a record there. In 2022, MrBeast was the most followed creator on the platform. He had 35,779,964 followers on the platform. In the second position was @badbunny and Khaby Lame took the third.

His second record was from his main space itself. That is, he got yet another record from on the popular video platform. In 2022, MrBeast’s channel got the maximum number of subscribers. Jimmy gained around 37.9 million subscribers for his channel. T-Series was the second, with more than 29 million subscribers, and SET India was third with 27 million subscribers.

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Fans join MrBeast’s celebrations

The fans of the internet sensation were happy for the millionaire. After Mrbeast shared this exciting news, his fans joined in his celebrations.

Many are excited to see all these achievements. Moreover, people were asking Jimmy, when will he cross T-Series’ total subscribers. T-Series had a huge fight with PewDiePie and Jimmy was a strong supporter of the former YouTube king at that time. When fans asked this question about T-Series, MrBeast said that he will soon do it for his friend, PewDiePie.


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Fans are excited for 2023. They are waiting for the insane and amazing videos Jimmy has planned for this year. It should also be noted that MrBeast is also getting much recognition in other languages as well. That is, the YouTuber is expanding his reach into the Spanish language as well. He has dedicated a channel to his Spanish fans and it has now over 20 million subscribers.


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Only time will tell what all records MrBeast will break in 2023.

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